Swimming sessions

Arrive in good time before the start, be on poolside at least 5 minutes before your session.

Always bring a drink onto poolside in a plastic bottle, these can be refilled at reception. Do not bring any with glass onto poolside.

Have all your equipment with you.

Use the toilet before training begins and always inform the Coach if you need to leave the poolside during your session.

Listen to what your Coach is telling you.

Make sure you have not eaten at least an hour before your session.

Equipment List: Goggles, swim hat (or hair tied back), fins, kickboard, pull buoy, hand paddles, snorkel, kit bag and a 1 piece swim suit.

Remember a DRINK! Clear fluid or weak juice.


You will be selected by the Head Coach to represent the club at events and galas. Invites will be sent to you prior to the event.

There are always warm up sessions before the event to prepare you to race.

Be part of the team, stay with the team on poolside. If you leave for any reasons you must tell the Coach/Team Manager where you are going.

Make sure you go to the marshalling area in plenty of time, take your hats and goggles etc. with you. Always try to have a spare set of goggles and a hat.

Support your team mates because everyone likes to be cheered on.

We ask that you wear your club hat when representing the club.

After your race come back to the Coach/Team Manager for feedback.

Equipment List: Swim hat, googles, club T shirt, drinks, snacks, towel for poolside and something to entertain yourself. (please discuss with your coach if you unsure what you need)